ELLUTIA Based in UK. Ellutia specialized for over 25 years,  has provided unique Chromatography solutions to analytical problems. Ellutia’s range of instruments, detectors & accessories allows to offer truly unique solutions to problems.

We Macon Enviro Technologies are Exclusive Dealer of Ellutia to sell and supply its products in India.

List of Ellutia’s range of Products.

1. 500 Series GC

2. 200 Series GC

3. Auto Samplers including manual headspace Autosampler

4. Thermal Energy Analyzer.

5. Thermosorb-N Cartridges.

6. Flowmeter.

7. Columns & Consumables.

8. GC Software.

9. Permeation System.

Please Visit https://www.ellutia.com/ for more information.

500 Series GC
500 Series GC
200 Series GC
200 Series GC
800 Series TEA
800 Series TEA