Crushing and Screening

  • Crushing

    Mining, aggregate and mineral processing, recycling, and other material handling plants usually need to reduce the size of their raw materials to create something sellable. Once their raw material is mined, harvested, or collected, it needs to be broken down into something closer to the end-product. Crushers re an important part of a full circuit material handling plant. Crushing equipment is used to reduce the size of material into much smaller pieces.

    We at Macon Enviro Technologies supplied and designed Crushing unit as per the customer’s requirement regardless of the scope and scale, however all crushing machinery is extremely important, and it almost always works in tandem with the subsequent process of screening. There is much to consider in the processes of crushing and screening, but these systems are incredibly important to the aggregate and materials used so often in construction, mining etc. projects. If you are in need of quality crushing and screening equipment and seeking assistance, Macon has the thorough knowledge and the expertise required to get the job done. Contact us today for more information or visit our site to explore our many product options in heavy machinery and other equipment’s.

  • Screening

    Mechanical screening often called as Screening is the practice of taking granules or crushed ore material and separating it into multiple grades by particle size. The easiest way to think of the function of screening equipment is like a filter or sieve that separates similarly sized materials. The smaller particles pass through the screen, and the larger particles remain above the screen.

    There are several crushing and screening equipment’s can be designed according to specific requirement. Macon engineers are pioneer in designing and installing all the required screening equipment. It can be challenging to choose required screening equipment but we Macon team will support in each and every manner. Screening is important for the same reason that one might measure dimensions: oftentimes, specific shapes and sizes of materials are needed for a given job, even if those materials have to be crushed gravel pieces for a building segment as you would for the creation of a city street.

    The densities, textures and weight-loads of every structure and projects are unique, so it follows suit that your screening process will be contingent upon those criteria.