De - Dusting System

The importance of clean uncontaminated air in the industrial work environment is well known. Modern industry with its complexity of operations and processes uses an increasing number of chemical compounds and substances, many of which are highly toxic. The use of such materials may result in particulates, gases, vapor and mist in the workroom air in concentrations that exceed safe levels. Heat stress can also result in unsafe or uncomfortable work environments. Effective, well-designed ventilation offers a solution to these problems where worker protection is needed. Ventilation can also serve to control odor, moisture and other undesirable environmental conditions.

Ventilation systems used in industrial plants are of two generic types. The supply system is used to supply air, usually tempered, to a work space. The Exhaust system is used to remove the contaminants generated by an operation in order to maintain a healthful work environment.

Supply systems are used for two purposes:

  • Supply Systems:

    1. To create a comfortable environment in the plant.
    2. to replace air exhausted from the plant.

    A well-designed supply system will consist of an air inlet section, filters, heating or cooling equipment, a fan, ducts, and register or distributing the air within the work space. The filters, heating and cooling equipment and fan are often combined into a complete unit called an air house or air supply unit. If part of the air supplied by a system is recirculated, a return system is used to bring the air back to the air house.

  • Exhaust Systems:

    Exhaust ventilation systems are classified in two generic groups:
    1. General exhaust system.
    2. Local exhaust system.


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The dust collection system are also known as air pollution control devices or dust extraction systems is an air quality improvement system. The benefit of this industrial dust collector blower de-dusting systems as dust control system or dust extraction machine, requires specialist personnel and generation of accurate appraisal reports for maintenance of the system and present-day manufacturers of de-dusting systems furnish the same in all equipped manner and incorporating screening and other pneumatic means to remove fine impurities such as dust and smaller particle.
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